Integrated Planning with SAP BW-BPS in Practice

Create integrated, multi-year planning for quantities and financial data
Familiarize yourself with the business management background and technical solution in detail
Follow an example project step by step. 

Would you like to set up multi-year planning with SAP SEM/BW-BPS and are you looking for a proven solution to do so? This SAP book clearly explains how this task can be successfully accomplished, right down to the technical details. Taking a specific business administration approach, you’ll learn the best way to implement integrated planning with SAP BW-BPS. A practical example tailored to your needs will help you along the way. This case study is based on a successful reference project, allowing you to benefit from proven experience.
All necessary work steps, from the presentation of actual and planning data from SAP CO-PA, through to the planning of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.are clearly described.

SAP-Heft 19
ISBN: 3-89842-962-8
130 pages, paperback
First edition, March 2006
Publisher: SAP PRESS

This SAP book is unfortunately no longer being sold by the publisher. 

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